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Veteran owned small business and proud member of the Veteran's Farmer Coalition National Label Home Grown by Heroes who support Veteran owned small businesses, who believe in Veterans who serve our country once and  again feeding the country. Excellent tasting pure local honey and creamed honey. What is Creamed Honey? (spun honey, honey butter)Beautifully light, sweet and it doesn't drip. Its a European thing. Creamed honey is honey that doesn't crystalized due to breaking down the sharp corners of the sugar crystals into very fine crystals, keeping it spreadable at room temperature for use as a healthy alternative to other spreads, creamed honey uses: coffee, tea, pancakes, baking, ice cream, or teaspoon full before a unhealthy snack. In fact use it on freshly baked hot biscuits right out of the oven with a little butter....try eating just one!! Another great tasting product from RICHESApiary using mother nature's honey bees. Did you know that honey is the only food made by a insect that is consumed by humans

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Local honey at $7 per pound available in various sizes in 2oz, 8oz,12oz, 1lb, 1.5 2lb plastic bears, squeeze bottles in 1lb, 1.5lb, 2lb and 3lb along with mason jars in 1.5lb, 2lb, 3lb and 6lb half gallon for $36, saving you $4 and only $32 if you bring it back for exchange. As of January 2019 honey is price $8-10 per pound in the Syracuse NY area. 

The honey is never heated above 110degress. This is not the same temperature that is in a beehive, approximately 95 degrees during the summer months but is it still considerably lower than store purchase honey that could be heated to high as 160 degrees and much of the benefits are destroyed. The raw honey is strained to 200 microns which still retains much of the pollen and particles in the honey 

Bees can travel up to 5 miles while searching for nectar, so how can honey be certified as organic when you don't know what has been place on our neighbors gardens or in the fields to remain pesticide free. These questions will have many answers for raw honey. Beekeepers placing raw honey right out of the hive into containers will have crystalized honey as it is stored. How do you get the honey out of the containers as the honey has crystalized. You have to heat it till it changes back to liquid form. The key is keeping that temperature closer to the natural hive temperature,110 degrees seems to be a good temperature for the honey to flow while still retaining the Sweet Goodness & Healthy Benefits that 100% pure honey provides. The key is to get to know your local beekeeper and don't be afraid to ask questions. I have many repeat customers who like the taste of the honey and some that  who don't like to leave their payments in the honestly jar. Some customers bring the honey back because it turned white and has gotten hard and thought it was bad and threw it away, I try to educate them that it is a normal process of honey to crystalized and it needs to be heated to place it back in the liquid form. Remember that honey is the only food that doesn't spoil and it was found in the Egyptian tombs and it was still good.

Did you know that a hive of bees fly about 55,000 miles to make one pound of honey....visiting 2 million flowers..roughly 80,000 trips to make 1 teaspoon of honey, a female worker bee will make about 1/12 of a teaspoon in her lifespan of roughly 45 days, the drone bee dies when it mates with the queen, the rest of the time before that he eats, drinks beer and lays around watches TV and if he's lucky to be selected to stay during the winter for the queen mating in the spring, if not he's pushed out of the hive for the winter and dies.

- Honey bees have 5 eyes

-That buzzing sound you hear is their   wings flapping over 200 times per second...12,000 per mintue

- Honey has natural preservatives and bacteria cannot grow in it 

"Busy as bee" and Bee happy!!!


Why do business with RICHESApiary

You're supporting the Honey bees that that may not survive the winter. Honey bees are affected by viruses, disease and mites. These can be treated with chemicals which doesn't necessary mean the bees will survive, Have not treated the Bee Apiary with any chemicals  to date. Believing this may provide a stronger genetic bee that may build up their immunity letting mother nature run her course, besides there is plenty of pesticides and chemicals in our environment which the honey bee's have to overcome. Honey bees living with such a short lifespan, it may take many  generations  of offspring to become stronger in building up resistance  to overcome these challenges.



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